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Angelic Fiend -- Armand [entries|friends|calendar]
The Vampire Armand Fans

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AAW 2011 Day 1 : Fan-artist : Bibi-chan [01 Sep 2011|10:50pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Armand Appreciation Week 2011 banner
Armand Appreciation Week 2011 - Sept. 1 - Sept. 7

This year's theme : France.

To start this AAW, Bibi-chan is a French (I think?) fan-artist who draws a lot of adorable Chibis, and she's done several on the Vampire Chronicles. I made the banner from one of her pictures. Here are her Armand drawings :

Armand by Bibi-chan

Armand by Bibi-chan

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You can find her VC gallery here on DeviantArt.
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Happy New Year! [01 Jan 2011|02:30pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I was browsing Deviant Art for Armand today... don't know why, I felt nostalgic? I found some fan-art I hadn't seen yet. Enjoy!

Team Armand by *MomoCullen on deviantART

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AAW 2010 Day 6 : Song inspiration : Lacuna Coil, "Not enough" [11 Sep 2010|12:31pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Armand Appreciation Week 2010

AAW 2010 - the banner

Lacuna Coil is an Italian band of goth metal formed in 1994.

Not Enough

I don't want to be saved, I wanna go down with you
Together we will find a way to come back

I thought it was too late
I thought you disappeared
Its been a while since I believed in you
I used to have the strength
I used to just walk away
But now that I see you
It's not enough

I'm falling once again
I'm following the way
Nothing's changed since I believed in you
I knew that you would come
I thought that I'd be afraid
But now that I have you
Its not enough

Forgotten fears I throw away
All of the caution out into the wind
My soul is thirsty
And I'm dreaming of you
Get out of my mind (come back)

I don't want to be saved, I wanna go down with you
Together we will find a way to come back
I don't want to be saved, I wanna give in to you
Together we will find a way to come back

To listen to the song :


Fansite (very complete) :

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AAW 2010 Day 5 : Wallpaper : 'Attention' [10 Sep 2010|01:31pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Armand Appreciation Week 2010

AAW 2010 - the banner

AAW 2010 : Wallpaper (1024x768)
AAW 2010 : Wallpaper (1024x768)

Original picture by Martin Vegas
Lyrics from "Attention" by Tokio Hotel
AAW 2010 : Wallpaper (1280x1024)
AAW 2010 : Wallpaper (1280x1024)

Original picture by Martin Vegas
Lyrics from "Attention" by Tokio Hotel
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Day 1 : in the banner / Art inspiration : Angel from Genoa cemetery [06 Sep 2010|08:10am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Armand Appreciation Week 2010

AAW 2010 - the banner

A picture of this angel has haunted me for years before I casually found other pictures of it on Facebook, and was finally able to identify where it was from.

This angel ornates the Oneto tomb in the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, located on a hillside in Genoa, Italy.

Collapse )

The tomb was carved in 1882 by sculptor Giulio Monteverde (Bistagno 1837- Rome 1917).
"This tomb was commissioned by Francesco Oneto, a rich merchant and President of the "Banca Generale". The angel, holding the trumpet of the Universal Judgment with its right hand, offers no consolatory gesture, but seems distant and imperturbable. The sensuality of this statue deeply shocked the contemporaries but enijoyed a greet success as well: it was replicated countless times, both by the artist himself and by his imitators; it can be found in various versions in many cemiteries in Italy, France, Germany, England and in North and South America."

It's actually supposed to be a female angel, but it's only apparent in full length shots... I always thought it was a young lad, and will keep thinking of it as such.

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2010 Armand Appreciation Week announcement [20 Aug 2010|04:11pm]

[ mood | calm ]

AAW 2010 - the banner
AAW 2010 - the banner
The 2010 Armand Appreciation Week will unfold from September 6 to September 12. This year's theme will be Italy.

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Beware Of Dark Entrances [26 Mar 2010|03:37am]

My new painting of Armand.
Please, full view! Details are lost in small.

+ closeups (100% size)
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AAW 2009 Day 1 : Art inspiration : Console des Anges, Collégiale Saint-Martin, Angers [31 Aug 2009|08:23pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

AAW2009 : banner

Recently discovered during a sight-seeing trip in Angers, I fell in awe of this wooden sculpture right away. Though it's not, by far, the oldest piece of the Collégiale Saint-Martin...
But all beautiful, melancolic teenage angels remind me of Amadeo.

AAW2009 : Collégiale Saint Martin, Angers, console des Anges
AAW2009 : Collégiale Saint Martin, Angers, console des Anges

Sculpture on wood by Leon Morice, a deaf and dumb artist from Angers, around 1902.

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Hello everyone! [26 Aug 2009|07:19pm]

I just joined today, and wanted to say hi. *waves amiably*
I may lurk for a bit; if I can dredge up some good Armand fanfic from the depths of my brain, I will post it. (I'm used to writing Supernatural fanfiction, though I love The Vampire Armand to an unhealthy degree, both the book and the vampire.)
I am thrilled that you have this community! I've peeked at quite a few things already; it all looks great! I will be a consistent visitor, that's for sure.
If anyone would like to friend me, go ahead. Just let me know a few things about you--I'm a curious woman. :>
Have a good day/night/week!
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Armand Appreciation Week 2009 Announcement [23 Aug 2009|01:58pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

AAW2009 : banner

Hello my fellow Armand fans.

This year the Armand Appreciation Week is going to start in August, since the week featuring Sept. 6 starts on Monday Aug. 31.

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nocturnality : now accepting applications! [19 Aug 2009|08:10am]

Nocturnality - A Victorian era Vampire Chronicles RPG

You've seen Interview with the Vampire, you've read The Vampire Lestat. But what if things had played out differently? One minute decision made on a whim can change a life or even the course of history.

Lestat de Lioncourt was instructed to live out one mortal lifetime. "To forstall it may be to lose everything," Marius had said. This Lestat did and this story you know. Clauda, Louis, Lestat- a charade of a family built upon secrets and destroyed in a single night full of flames. But what if Lestat- burnt and beaten- had sought solace somewhere other than in one who harbored him such resentment? What if he had been unable to raise his blackened and shriveled hand to knock upon the doors of the Théâtre des Vampires and instead slunk shamed and defeated into the Paris night where his plans of going to ground were once again interrupted by an immortal with pale eyes and kind hands. What would this change?

Well and alive, Claudia and Madeline move on. Lestat, reunited with Marius, travels to find a fledgling that has sought solace in one that hates him. Nicolas, thought to be dead, haunts Paris like a phantom. The year is 1862. Reunions, discoveries, a whole world on the cusp of change- what will you find here? Join Nocturnality and find out!

Nocturnality is an alternate universe plot-deviation game, meaning that the events of the game timeline deviate from the canon events of the series and head in a player decided direction.



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Looking for.... [20 Jun 2009|11:52pm]

Collapse )
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Hi!^^ [15 Jun 2009|09:19pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Hi.^^ My name is Kat and I'm an artist. I'm new to the fandom.:D Hi everyone.

I come bearing fan art.^^

It's part of a bigger artwork.^^ But since this is the Armand group, he deserves a solo appearance.^^

Hope you guys like it.:D


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Sanguinarias [10 Apr 2009|02:14am]


some are born to sweet delight,
some are born to endless night. -William Blake

In very recent years, Japanese scientists have invented a 'synthetic blood' that is capable of fully sustaining a vampire's diet. Sort of like a vampiric 'slim fast'; the drink, now mass marketed under the name TruBlood, has allowed many vampires to come out of the shadows and into mainstream society.

Now that humans are no longer an entrée, vampires have "come out of the coffin" to demand their place in society complete with equal rights and citizenship. Religious leaders and government officials around the world have chosen their sides and a full-on political war is in progress.

Feeling that they have sat back and watched these battles long enough, many powerful and ancient vampires begin to migrate toward the lush and decadent city of New Orleans, one of the country's strongest vampiric hot spots, where they are drawn by the call of their brethren to meet and discuss what these changes may mean for immortal "life" as they know it. But what will come of such an influx of power and what will it mean for the Vampire Rights Movement? Some are willing to give up the lifeblood that fuels their existence in order to join human society and others will try and take back the night. Which side will you be on?

Sanguinarias is a (limited) cross-fandom roleplay loosely based upon HBO's True Blood.


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Annne Rice fans [11 Mar 2009|05:41am]


Check a new Anne Rice Character forum . . . thesavagegarden.11.forumer.com

Register and have fun posting with the vampires.
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kink meme [09 Mar 2009|02:43pm]
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[fanart] Armand & Marius [24 Jan 2009|09:50pm]


by ~buddhathumper on deviantART

Sort of inspired by the reunion scene in Queen of the Damned. I really haven't drawn anything in a long time, so excuse the weirdness. Click the thumbnail above to see the full image. Thanks for looking! ♥

ps. Should this be friends locked? I don't know what Anne Rice's views are on fanart.
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[15 Jan 2009|07:23pm]

Kindred Spirits RPG

Welcome to Sangria City. Where the kindred spirits of the damned linger among the living either hiding in the shadows or putting themselves out on display for all the world to see. All of those things that go bump in the night are real and just waiting for you to join their haven here in the City of Blood.

Sangria City is an alternate universe city that is a mix between Hollywood and Gotham City where Vampires, Witches, and the rest of the supernatural world live along side the mortals. The macabre pulse of Sangria City is fueled by the blood that pumps through every being, giving life to a lost world that thrives on love, lust and greed. Come play but be warned, it's not going to be pretty.

First and foremost, this is a community for role playing purposes only. Everything is fake and for creative writing purposes only.

We welcome all races, ethnicity, and sexual orientations!!!

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[03 Dec 2008|08:06am]

We are searching for like-minded individuals to fill a few open roles in the vampire chronicles. We are an active community that incorporates the Anne Rice and original characters as well as some random others but we admit our bias leans towards the VC.

Marius De Romanus
Quinn Blackwood
Daniel Molloy
Gabrielle De Lioncourt
As well as the Mayfair witches.

Edit: Nicolas De Lenfent is willing to pass on his role.

Just follow my account to apply.
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AAW 2008 post 1 : Armand on DeviantArt [01 Sep 2008|09:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

AAW 2008 banner

Yes, it's the week to celebrate our darling again... So a few links for you :

Drawings :

Beautiful little Armands :

A lil' Armand with roses, manga-inspired :

Fictional book cover :

Interesting non-manga style, for a change ;) :

Marius & Armand (NSFW!) :

Err... "Japanese School boy Armand"? *scratches head*
Oh, I'm surprised it hadn't been done yet, actually.

Armand and Marius vocab :

Vampire Chronicles Pretty Boys (Lestat / Louis / Armand / Marius, apparently) :

Immortal Idiot (not Armand's brightest moment, obviously... *g*) :

Little comics :

Armand educates : GANZ!

Didja know Armand is Emo?

People posing (and 'Shopping, or 'Shopped) as Armand :




LOLArmand : yep
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