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Happy New Year!

I was browsing Deviant Art for Armand today... don't know why, I felt nostalgic? I found some fan-art I hadn't seen yet. Enjoy!

Team Armand by *MomoCullen on deviantART

Armand by ~KirikoChan on deviantART

Armand... by ~Zestyx on deviantART

Armand by *Epsilon86 on deviantART

And now for some fun :

Vampire Armand blooper by *Miyucchi on deviantART

Vampire Armand blooper 2 by *Miyucchi on deviantART

Armand's a Slut by *MomoCullen on deviantART

Armand isn't a slut, he's just a little affection-deprived... ^^
And by the way, why don't people call LESTAT a slut? He's the Marty Sue who goes around the most, every character falls for him and ends up in his arms / bed at some point!

Get Your Own Fledgling, Armand by ~Freya-Sensei on deviantART
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