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Angelic Fiend -- Armand

LJ's source for Armand worshiping

The Vampire Armand Fans
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Welcome, Weary Stranger

What you've found is a fan community for the vampire Armand - the vampire himself more than the novel of the same title. Created by Anne Rice, this particular immortal comes from her series The Vampire Chronicles, and he's perhaps most commonly described as having "the face of a Botticelli angel." Love to love him; love to 'ship him; love to worship him? Get in line, my friend. Join!

The Laws of Armand Land

You will get the Almighty Ban of Doom if you:

Fail to respect other members. Varying opinions happen, but they aren't grounds for "bitchery." Essentially, flames and personal attacks on anything about others - from Anne Rice works to their religion - are unnecessary in this setting. This is a fan hub, about a character, on the internet, so it would be beyond logic to enter the realm of individual mockery. On the flip side, be prepared to explain your opinion, especially if it's vague. Saying, "So and so sucks! Oh my god!" is hardly a valid assertion. Debates can be your friends, if you behave.

Spam the community. Yes, we want to see your lovely Ricean things. Yes, anything Ricean is technically on topic. However, for the love of all that is naughty and unholy, we don't need to see it ten times, in flashing letters, with mass raping of puncuation. Excessive posting (namely of the same thing), off-topic posting, and obnoxious typing/netspeak will make us weep and moan. We're not asking for perfection, only common courtesy.

Forget the LJ-cut when needed. When is it needed? Generally, LJ-cuts should tap dance on in when the poster is presenting an image, a lengthy entry, or something possibly graphic/objectionable. Some people like to add communities to their friendlists or like to view them at work/school, and they deserve to skip over the aforementioned or be warned of any content, rather than be bombarded by it.

Post any "writing of the fan sort" without friends locking it (if you get the drift). The friends-lock policy only applies to stories written by you about the characters; not general discussion. Yes, we are pointedly declining to use the proper term for said stories. This is the Outlawed Fandom, and lawsuits aren't fun. "Security Level: Friends" - it's a really cool feature, you know.

In fairness, we'll warn any rule-benders a few times before banning them. Also, rules may be subject to change at any time.

Extended Information

What do you know? It's something of a "miscellaneous" section.

Disclaimers. AR owns and abuses Armand. That isn't stopping anyone from loving him. This community is a fan project; don't come looking here for anything official.

Warnings. Armand is a vampire, and would you believe that he drinks blood? Surely not! Additionally, he's a Bad Boy because he's a wee bit slashy; that is to say, homoerotic. While it's unlikely we'll be a hoard of wandering perverts (err...), these things are all subject to be discussed at any time.

The mod. Your moderator is hidingthestars. In the unlikely event that you should need her, contact her via LJ.

Affiliates. Any Armand or Ricean sites are invited to "hook up" with us.